Temat: Does myfitnesspal "yell" at you?

I've had a recurring thought over the past couple months. I eat relatively cleanly (a lot of homecooking) and rarely feel "hangry" (its for the safety of the children/staff I work with). There have been times in the past where I've eaten well during the day, tracked all my calories and completed my food diary and fitnesspal gets all "uh...uh (Z-snap) you ain't eaten enough." This has happened on days when I'd still be 700-900 calories in the green still at the end of the day and NOT hungry...so I'd eat half a pint of ice-cream to make fitnesspal happy.

I've burned 878 from my morning workout (which I do 3x/week). As of the writing of this post, fitnesspal says I've got 1,967 calories left for dinner/snack. Do I really need to eat a ~2kcal dinner to keep my progress? That's a lot of food (and my stomach has shrunk)...like go eat 10 tacos from taco bell?

Please help.


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