Temat: Mild right abdominal/flank burning?

So everything I read on this forum is severe pain - going to the ER. I don't have anything that bad but I'm wondering if it's something that might be leading up to being that bad. I've always had what I assume to be a little IBS where I eat something (non specific), later on I cramp in the lower abdominal region and within minutes I'm having diarrhea. As soon as i have diarrhea the pain is gone and I can go about my business. This happens MAYBE 1-2 times a month.

A few months ago I went to the doctor after a random bout of what I assumed to be indigestion (never experienced it before so I'm not sure). I ate lunch one Sunday (unfortunately can't remember what it was) and then immediately lost my appetite for 3 days - probably from feeling something I've never felt before. I panicked and ended up at my regular doctor's office on Tuesday. He asked me some general questions and I had very vague answers unfortunately - no blood in the stool, no nausea, no vomiting, cramps aren't due to a certain type of food, I hadn't eaten anything new at this point that could affect me differently. He pushed around on my stomach but I had no pain other than him pushing on my stomach pretty hard. The best news he told me is that he didn't think it was a form of IBD.

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