Temat: How Much Creatine?

Hello all,

New to the forum here.
I will be straight to the point. I finished my powerlifting program by 1st of September and from this Monday (4th of Sept) I will start Mike O’Hearn’s power bodybuilding workout routine. I started take creatine for the first time in my life in 28th of August. I was taking 5g per day. 2.5 before working out and 2.5 after I finished my session.
My question is how much should I take now? From the info I gathered from various forums and videos on youtube I should do the loading phase around 5g before working out and 5g after working out for a month and then 1 month off creatine or 1 month maintenance period of 5 g per day?
What should I do?

Thank you in advance

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